KOF Wing 1.8

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KOF Wing 1.8

KOF Wing 1.8


KOF Wing 1.8 – The Wing1.8, based on the[ king of Fighters] flash fighting game, with simple operation, strong against the flu, Frank combos, original nirvana, called flash fighting game is the pinnacle of. Continuous skill is the game in a major key, Nirvana can cancel the general technology, gas explosion after Nirvana Nirvana even can be connected with a super combo, which can be combined into various combos. 1 new BOSS igniz 2 long, Kula and other characters to join new skills 3 to amend part Bug. – supergameson.com.


P1: WSAD J K control movement, heavy, heavy foot, L Dodge, U light punch, I light foot, O gas explosion.

P2 : direction =. Left / to control movement, the number keys 1 heavy, 2 foot, 3 Dodge, 4 light punch, 5 light foot, 6 Gas Explosion.

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  1. Ahmet July 24, 2012 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    I was looking for it… Thank you very much..:P

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